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OGDEN, Utah - May 13, 2019


Ogden’s Own Distillery announced the release of their new Porter’s Rye Whiskey. Porter’s Rye is a 95/5 blend of rye and barley. The straight rye whiskey has been aging in heavy charred, new oak barrels for over three years.


“At almost every event we are a part of we get questions asking, ‘When will you have an unflavored whiskey?’”, Steve Conlin, the CEO, said. “Well, the answer is finally now!”


“We’ve had these barrels in the warehouse for quite some time now,” Tim Smith, who heads up the blending and production side of Ogden Own Distillery. “We’re pleased how the whiskey has matured over the last year and are ready to get it out to the public.”


Porter’s Rye Whiskey has aged for over three years at 111 proof then blended down to 90 proof with Ogden’s Own Distillery’s signature water blend used for its popular Five Wives Vodka. 














Rye whiskey was the most popular form of whiskey in America until Prohibition in 1919. It’s has been going through a resurgence in recent years, and Ogden’s Own decided it would be the best place to begin to introduce new products in the whiskey category. 

“We listened to consumers and feel confident they will like the spice, mouthfeel, and complexity of this rye,” Conlin said.

“We watched as the temperature fluctuations of the last winter dramatically impacted the development of the flavor as the temperature of barrels moved in relation,” Smith added. “You could taste distinct differences monthly.”


Ogden’s Own Distillery has also done a redesign on their “Porter’s” branding to differentiate their straight whiskey from their line-up of flavored whiskey liqueurs. The new design features Porter’s face moved to the rear of the bottle and is seen peering through the glass. The labels made from a real wood veneer. 


“This label is printed on wood! Each label is unique as you look at the wood grain of each one,” Conlin explained. 


Ogden’s Own is releasing approximately 1,000 cases of Porter’s Rye in 2019. The first cases will be available at its package store at 3075 Grant Ave. Tuesday, May 14, in Ogden.


“We are still waiting on word from the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control Department (DABC) as to when it will be in the Utah state liquor stores,” Conlin said. “The DABC reviews products systematically. We’re kind of at their mercy, but we feel like they’ll be thrilled with this product. As always we’ll keep everyone updated on social media as it reaches stores.”


About Ogden’s Own Distillery:

Ogden’s Own Distillery is a micro-distillery located in Ogden, UT and is celebrating being 10-years old in 2019. It is Ogden’s first licensed distillery since the 1800s. The company makes Five Wives Vodkas, Madam Pattirini Gin, Porter’s Flavored Whiskeys, Underground Herbal Spirit and now, Porter’s Rye. 


Contact info:  Steve Conlin 801-589-1716, steve@ogdensown,com

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